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Regional Action Plan on Drug Addiction

A technical body, accountable to the DG Health of the Health Department of the Regional Government of Navarre.

The Technical Board of the Regional Action Plan on Drug Addictions is in charge of developing the Programme. For this purpose, it has an organisational structure comprising four professionals: a doctor, a sociologist, an educator and an administrative worker, in addition to the director.

It carries out an analysis of the situation regarding the use of drugs in the Regional Community, as well as planning the campaigns to be developed, giving specialist advice to professionals in the fields of education, social services and health and financing projects and programmes by means of grants which are allocated on a yearly basis.

Located in Pamplona (Navarre). ESPAÑA.
Tel: 00 34 848 42 14 40

Government of Navarre

Inter-regional, Cross-boarder Cooperation for the development of an Interactive Information Service on Drugs, adapted to Young People


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