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INFOWEB / Purpose of the web and target public

Purpose of the web and target public

The home page of the project has two distinct functions:
It includes a menu with institutional information on the project, aimed at professionals who work with drug addictions and at the general public.

The right hand part of the page is aimed principally at teenagers (between 13 and 16 years of age approximately), with the purpose of transmitting information on the subject of drugs in an honest, simple and attractive format, appropriate to their stage of development. In addition, it offers an interactive area, open to personal queries and active participation in the web. Every effort has been made to adapt the contents and the design to this target public.

This web page does not discuss treatments and in no case is intended to substitute the user's relationship with health care professionals.


Inter-regional, Cross-boarder Cooperation for the development of an Interactive Information Service on Drugs, adapted to Young People


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Last update:12/12/2007